Hair Removal by Electrolysis


This is the oldest and most popular form of permanent hair reduction which involves inserting a tiny electrified needle (width of the hair) into individual hair roots to destroy the growth cells. Over a series of sessions, depending on the area to be treated, electrolysis is successful in reducing permanent hair growth.


There are various types of electrolysis:


Galvanic – the galvanic electricity is a direct current which, when applied by thin needle to the hair follicle, makes a chemical reaction to destroy the dermal papilla (at the base of the hair follicle) without affecting any other area. This was the first electrolysis method used in salons. Short wave diathermy or thermolysis uses current to produce intense heat in the follicle base. This current vibrates across the follicle to cauterise the blood flow and is particularly good for most hair types.

Blend – combines the two other methods (thermolysis and galvanic) and destroys hair faster, although some say it is more painful and it is a more complicated method. Our therapists have been highly trained at the short wave diathermy method and prefer to use this.

What happens during electrolysis?

Before your first treatments you will have a detailed consultation so that the electrologist can assess the texture of your skin and hair and gage the results that you’re likely to achieve. She will give you advice on how to care for your skin and hair after treatments. Wearing sanitised gloves, the electrologist uses a hand held device to guide an ultra fine, sterilised needle into each individual hair follicle to destroy the hair. Most sessions last from 15minutes to 1 hour depending on the area covered and the hair texture.

What does it feel like?

Rest assured it doesn’t feel like an injection as the needle is so thin (the width of the hair) and is inserted into the natural hair opening. However, you may feel a very quick pin prick or hot sting as the hair follicle is destroyed – it feels a bit like tweezing. Afterwards skin may be red and slightly inflamed and there may even be tiny scabs which soon fall off, but you can carry on with normal daily activities.

Areas that can be treated with electrolysis:  Electrolysis is ideal for most areas of face and body and is particularly popular for bikini line, chin and lip area, sides of face, around the nipples (not the pigmented area) and abdomen.