Personalised Perfume


Perfumes touch our deepest emotions and must reflect our true spirit. What we wear, how we wear it, and where we wear it says everything about us. A perfume should be as individual as the person who wears it and now, you have the opportunity to enjoy the luxury of creating your very own unique fragrance just like the stars and famous fragrance houses!


What's Included:

Perfume consultation for one person with a trained perfume expert
Creation of your own unique fragrance formed from your choice of 18 exquisite blends, each created by a master perfumer.
A gift boxed 20ml perfume atomiser containing your bespoke fragrance to take away with you on the day.
A certificate with your chosen perfume name and the formula so it can be re-created for you if you in the future
The fragrance blends include male and unisex scents making it suitable for men as well as women
Allow approximately 1 hour for your experience
Experience gift pack including smart wallet, personalised voucher and message card


What Happens on the Day:

You will enjoy a perfume consultation with a trained perfume expert. During your experience you will learn a little about the construction of perfumes including why some scents last longer than others and why perfumes change throughout the day. This knowledge will then be used to help you construct your fragrance.

When you understand a little more, you’ll begin to undertake the really exciting part of your experience the creating of your fragrance! Your signature blend will be formed from your choice of 18 exquisite blends. You can include as many as you want! Each blend has been designed by a master perfumer famed for creating many of the fragrances that sell from high street shelves. Each blend is sourced from the finest ingredients from around the globe, including night-blooming jasmine from Africa, exotic spices from The Orient and the rich, aromatic and sensual vanilla from Southern France. Every care has been taken to ensure that the very best ingredients go into making your fragrance.

Having created a fragrance, it’s time to make it up! The perfume for you to take home will be made up there and then, so there is no waiting you can wear your creation immediately! Your consultant will give you a choice of bottles and then blend it for you in front of your eyes!

Finally, the most important part of your experience naming your unique signature fragrance. Every great scent has a name and so should yours. After the event, you will receive a fantastic certificate that includes the name of your fragrance and its ingredients for when you are ready for a top-up!