Body Waxing:

For beautiful, soft, hair free skin waxing is a great, inexpensive way to remove unwanted hair for quick temporary results.


Strip Wax:

If you're willing to let your hair grow out to 1cm between salon visits, a  strip wax treatment is the most effective way to remove hair on the bodystrip waxing involves applying a thin layer of warm wax before applying a coton strip to the are and then pulled back rapidly to remove hair from any part of the body.


Hot Wax:

SoYummy Chocolate & Hazelnut Wax,Lycon Hot Waxes are a low temperature formula, they shrink-wrap and remove hair as short as 1mm, they are very pliable and painless for most. They are more gentle, in fact very soothing and perfect for sensitive areas.
Should there be difficult or stubborn hair growth to remove; Hot Waxes can be re-applied on the same area many times without the wax feeling too hot and without skin trauma or irritation.



Threading is an ancient method of hair removal which is now gaining popularity in Western countries. It is equally popular with both men and women.Practitioners use a pure, thin, twisted cotton thread which is rolled over untidy hairlines, moustaches and so on, plucking the hair at the follicle level. Unlike tweezing where a single hair is pulled out each time, threading can remove an entire row of hair, resulting in a straighter line.As the top layers of skin are not peeled or traumatized, threading is an alternative for those with sensitive skin. However, it tends to be as or more painful than waxing. Hair removal lasts for about four to six weeks.