Skin Analysis & Mole Analysis


Beau Visage is an advanced skin imaging system designed to educate clients on the health of their skin by analysing up to 2mm beneath its surface.  Based on SIAscopy, the unique patented skin imaging technology that Beau Visage uses allows our practitioner’s to scientifically assess the skin’s components responsible for the way a client looks and predict how they might age.By calculating the distribution of blood, melanin and sun damage in a client’s face, their skin age can be determined.  Based on these findings our practitioner can then advise you on the most suitable skincare regime and/or treatments to address any areas of concern.  Beau Visage allows the practitioner to work with the you to track changes over time, prove the benefits of the new regime and address new problem areas as and when they occur.


Chromophore Maps:

Visualising blood, melanin and sun damage views, up to 2 mm beneath the surface of the skin is what distinguishes Beau Visage as an advanced consultation system. With high quality photography and the unique zoom feature to focus on areas of interest treatments and products can be easily recommended. The chromophore maps have a huge impact on the client and really enhance their understanding of what is happening with their skin and help to qualify the need for products and treatments to improve or maintain their skin health.


Skin Age Score:

The Skin Age module allows our practioner’s to calculate your skin age quickly and accurately. Using the your images to compare against a same sex peer database gives a Skin Age Score. This score is displayed along with an indication of how your skin compares against a database of peers. Using this information we can recommend treatments and products suitable for improving and maintaining the your skin health.

Beauty Timeline:

Seeing really is believing….Beau Visage enables you to visualise change using Beauty Timeline. The images can be viewed in parallel for comparison. Changes in the blood and melanin views are particularly impactful.
With Beau Visage you will, for the first time, witness the effect of various treatments tracked over time, helping you to manage treatments and beauty regimes.

Skin Analysis and Report:

Beau Visage will provide you with your own personal skin analysis report to take away.  The report will shows your colour image, alongside the chromophore maps showing the distribution of blood, melanin, and sun damage and measure of skin age enabling an evaluation of skin health relative to age.  Along with this will be your own unique home care regime, with details of appropriate treatments offered by Loved that will help to balance the chromophores in the face and bring a more youthful appearance.


Mole Screening:

Skin cancer is on the increase. It is the most common type of cancer in the UK, but most cases of skin cancer are easily treated and cured if detected in the early stages.
MoleMate is a non-invasive, rapid and painless melanoma screening device that has been specifically designed with and for GPs and for skin care specialists. By assisting and accelerating the diagnostic process, MoleMate enables the medical professionals to quickly scan and make a decision to refer a patient, excise a lesion or immediately assure them that their lesion is not suspicious.
MoleMate comprises of a hand-held scanner and software that uses SIAscopy, the skin imaging technology that scans and visualises haemoglobin, melanin, dermal melanin and collagen up to 2mm under the skin.



The consultation will normally take no more than 20 minutes (up to 5 moles can be assessed in one consultation). The SIAscopy V handheld scanner is placed over the mole or lesion. The SIAscope then analyses the area and converts this data to a SIAscan for interpretation by your skin care specialist. You will be able to see on the computer screen every stage of this analysis procedure and will be able to ask any questions you may have. At the end of the analysis you will receive an accurate diagnosis and report.The MoleMate SIAscopy analysis can be carried out quickly and at a time to suit you. With this rapid diagnosis you can be assured that any suspicious lesions can be referred without any unnecessary delay.